Transferring Calls

There are many ways to transfer a call and these are listen below. 

Blind transfer - is transferring the call without speaking to the person first

Option 1

  • During the call press, the transfer key and then fail the extension number.
  • Press Send/Transfer to release the call

Option 2

  • While on the call press ** then the extension number (eg**104) then transfer which will send the call.
    Attended transfer

Attended transfer is speaking to the person first to see if you have permission to transfer.

Option 1

  • During the call press, a LINE key (as if you were beginning a new call), This will put the first call on hold.
  • Enter the extension number your wish to speak with and dial.
  • Once you have confirmed they would like to speak with the caller, end the call and click the line to grab the first call back, and then follow the above instruction for a blind transfer.

Option 2

  • While on the call press ## then the extension number and press transfer. This opens up a new line and calls the specified extension. You can then speak to the person at that extension, confirm that they would like to receive the call, and when you hang up that call, the original caller will be transferred to them. If the person at that extension doesn't want to receive the call (or you get through to their voicemail for example) you can retrieve the original caller by dialling *0.

Please not that process can vary slightly depending on the handset you are using. For example the name of some keys may vary etc. Its always best to also check the handbook that came with your phone however if you have any issues please do let us know and we will try to help as best we can.

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