Remote Working FAQ

Please find below some frequently asked questions about working remotely and your Birchills phone system.

Can we take our phones home?

Yes! Most of your VoIP phones can indeed be unplugged and then connected to your router at home.

What other options do we have to work remotely?

There are plenty of ways to bring your extension with you, wherever you are. Some of the possible options are:

Please note: you can only connect five devices to an extension at any time!

Is this any different to using a desk phone? (eg in terms of call queues and ring groups)

No - it should behave in exactly the same way - just like bringing your desktop phone home with you! This includes:

  • Ring groups
  • Call queues
  • IVRs

Do the options above cost any extra?

No - unless you decide to use a paid-for softphone app (Cloud Softphone doesn’t cost anything extra).

Can you help us set up a softphone?

Sure, for the Cloud softphone we have a specific guide:

For other devices, you should be able to follow the creators guidelines, when you need SIP settings specific for the softphone, you can find them on the portal. Please see for some helpful hints.

If you are still stuck, feel free to email us at or give us a call on 01922 213 333.

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